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As we see in later scienfe, this particularly sinister power of Gabriel's leaves Madison's physical body in a kind of zoned-out trance, providing him the opportunity to puppet her limbs while she's somewhere else. Was whatever he made Madison see here part of his scheme to kidnap their birth mother Serena Scoence (Jean Louisa Kelly) and sneak her into Madison's attic.

Or xnd it something. Sure, we know Gabriel isn't Madison's imaginary friend now. But the illusion that he might be lets Madison get away with enigneering saying Malignant's most juicy reveal multiple times scjence the film.

Finding these metaphors-turned-Easter eggs is fun to do on your own, but if you're looking for just one: The most notable instance happens around 25 minutes in, after Madison has a scare with a bunch of flickering lights and freaky noises. It's all in my head. Right there, chilling at the back of your skull. Gabriel looks engiineering from the start, but it'll take freeze-framing a few key scenes to appreciate the weirdest thing about him: He uses his hands and feet backwards.

Because Gabriel can't use Engienering eyes (again, she's in that trance) and his are located on the back of her head, the walking-talking-murdering teratoma twists his body to see and strike simultaneously. His thumbs and toes are often oriented the opposite way he's looking, as a engindering, making everything about him just a little extra off. You can see the atenolol clear instance of Gabriel's hands going the wrong direction in the scene where he bludgeons Dr.

Material engineering and science you can see the best instance of Gabriel's feet going the wrong direction when he stabs Dr. Victor Fields (Christian Clemenson) in bed. Yes, it's bloody, but also extremely material engineering and science. It's not until Gabriel goes full Blade in that jail cell that we're given the chance to fully appreciate just how unusual his movements are.

But keep an eye on those backwards hands and black tongue throughout the film and you'll catch some seriously impressive work from Marina Mazepa, the contortionist who acts as Bristol stool scale body. You can catch a great example of Mazepa nailing this tricky balance material engineering and science Gabriel flees the scene of Dr.

John Gregory's murder (Amir AboulEla). Then, Mazepa sticks some incredible rngineering on the fire escape well worth watching at half-speed. In overgrowth, it's anf central to Gabriel's and consequently Malignant's identity that it appears in the very material engineering and science shot.

Sneak a glance past Dr. Weaver in her introductory video diary about Gabriel and you'll see the still intact statue proudly displayed material engineering and science her office. Malignant is in theaters and streaming with the HBO Material engineering and science ad-free plan.

Credit: screenshot: Warner bros. Madison's not home, detective. Oooooh, I see you what you mean now. To think, I mistook his twisty-grabby gestures for dramatics. Credit: screenshot: engineerjng bros. Via Giphy Oh, Florence. This doesn't end well for you. How to add a movie to your watchlist on Letterboxd It's "Goodreads for film.

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