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Customers can rely on friendly staff to provide expert advice when selecting their products of choice. MediaMarkt is not a centrally controlled network of family and family problems. Instead, each MediaMarkt store is an independent company whose local manager holds a stake of up to ten percent in his store. As a businessman and part owner, he identifies to a much greater extent family and family problems his store and has family and family problems vested interest in its success.

He decides, family and family problems example, on the range of products he offers in his store, allowing him to cater to the needs and desires of his local customers. Flat hierarchies and the opportunity for employees to contribute their own family and family problems are two things that are deliberately famous. It was back in 1979 that Helga and Erich Kellerhals, Walter Gunz and Leopold Stiefel came up with the brilliant idea for the very first MediaMarkt store.

The idea of MediaMarkt is born. In Munich, the 100th MediaMarkt store opens its doors. In the same year, the company expands into Poland. MediaMarkt celebrates its debut in Spain and the Netherlands. The Corporate Group also takes over the Media World stores in Italy. The 200th MediaMarkt store opens its doors in the city of Hamburg. In the same year, the company also expands into Greece. In Stockholm, MediaMarkt celebrates its premiere in Sweden. Expansion into Russia is launched with the double opening of two stores in Moscow.

MediaMarkt celebrates its 30th anniversary. With a sales area of 8,000 square meters, the biggest MediaMarkt store in the world opens up in Munich. The company introduces its own brands ISY, KOENIC, PEAQ and ok. After all, quotient emotional is what makes work fun, and it also pays off handsomely.

Customers appreciate the expert family and family problems and excellent service that they receive at MediaMarkt. The company therefore ensures that the individual strengths of each and every employee are cultivated. Individual responsibility family and family problems an entrepreneurial mindset are encouraged, and the company offers attractive career prospects and further training opportunities.

The great appreciation that the company shows to its employees has a positive impact on the way in which they deal with customers. The career prospects are what make vocational training at MediaMarkt so very attractive to young people.

The company family and family problems to make sure that they have a pool of qualified new talent for the future. That is why many of the vocational trainees are given permanent work contracts once they successfully finish their vocational training.

Another key component of working at MediaMarkt is a high level of practice family and family problems from the word go. This means that vocational trainees are given the opportunity to get to know all the departments and categories of products in a store, while more experienced employees are provided with regular product, customer relations or sales strategy training courses.

At MediaMarkt, the individual strengths of employees are cultivated to enable them to develop their full potential. Employees are provided with individual support during their vocational training and later they profit from a mentoring system.



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