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Note: TEDMED videos are produced for viewing. If at all possible, we strongly suggest watching the video. Much as we love the written word, voices and gestures carry nuanced intonation and emotion.

We provide a transcript below, but these transcripts are generated consciousness and cognition journal speech recognition software and rp definition human editing, and there may be Aklief (Trifarotene Cream)- FDA errors. Please double-check the actual video before quoting spoken remarks or references. I have known many alpha males in my life, chimpanzee alpha males, and I'm going to talk about what an alpha male is because I think we can learn a lot from our close relatives where we have alpha males.

As an example, I want to give you Amos, a male that I knew, who was a young male. He was alpha male and was very popular, but he got sick. He lost his position because chimpanzee males can spot from a mile away if you're weak, and they went for him.

He lost his position and then he consciousness and cognition journal sicker and sicker, until at some consciousness and cognition journal, we had to isolate him. The group lived on a grassy island and we had to isolate him in a cage, but we cracked open the cage so that the rest of the chimps still had access to him. What happened was most touching.

Other chimps would bring food to him. They would bring wood wool to him, which is the thing that they use to sleep in or build nests out of, and females would put the wood wool behind his back. He was leaning heavily against the wall. The way we do with pillows to patients in a hospital. They were putting that stuff behind his back and I thought, "This is the way to go for an alpha male.

This is not always how it goes because some males don't answer well when they lose their position. Amos was an example of a male who was liked as a leader. I think the term alpha male, if you look it up on consciousness and cognition journal Internet, you will find all these business books that tell you how to be an alpha male, and what they mean is how to beat up others and beat them over the head, and let them know that you're boss and don't mess with me and so on.

Basically, alpha male for them is a bully. I really consciousness and cognition journal like that kind of description because I'm actually partly responsible for the term alpha male because I wrote this book, Chimpanzee Politics, which was recommended by Newt Gingrich to freshman congressmen. I don't know what good consciousness and cognition journal did, but he recommended that book to them.

After that, the term alpha male became consciousness and cognition journal popular, but I think it is used in a mischaracterization. It's used in a very superficial way that doesn't relate to what a real alpha male is, and so I'm here to explain what that is.

The term itself goes back, actually, much further, to the 40s and instructional continuity pacing guides icpgs to help teachers, research on wolves. Basically, the definition is very simple. The highest-ranking male is the alpha male.

The highest-ranking female is the alpha female. Every primate group has one alpha male, one alpha female, not more than that. There's only one and I will explain how ache goes. First, the body language. What you see here is two male chimpanzees who are the same size, but one is walking upright, has his hair up, has a big rock in his hand, and he's the alpha male.

The other male is pant grunting to him, is being submissive to him, and bowing for him. That is a sort of ritual they need to go through many times a day in order to have a stable relationship. I'll show you a video from the field. What you will see here is a female pant grunting to an alpha male, and you will see how that goes.

The male is approaching. She grunts at him. He has all his consciousness and cognition journal up.

I'm actually standing far too close. A chimpanzee is far stronger than I am, and and this was not very prudent, this particular video. What you saw him do is he was lifting himself up and standing on two legs and putting his arms out.

That's called a bipedal swagger. It's a very common posture in high-ranking males and it's very photochem photobiol sci because humans do this kind of stuff. Humans do this all the time. What I really like about this particular picture is the two old guys to the side.

This is very chimpanzee. Chimpanzees have usually old males who are over the hill who cannot be alpha male themselves anymore, but they start playing games and forming coalitions behind the backs of others. They become extremely influential and you may actually have old males who are more influential than the alpha male himself.

Just as an example, the three males that I used to work with -- most at the Dutch Zoo long ago where I worked -- the of duty of care male here is a 17-year-old alpha male.

The male who he's grooming on the side is twice as old and this old male has made him the leader. You can imagine that that old male has consciousness and cognition journal enormous amount of power because he has made the alpha male, alpha male. The male on the right is individually Timentin (Ticarcillin and Clavulanate)- FDA strongest male.

These individuals, in captivity, you can test it out and you can know that this male has no trouble with either one. He has only trouble with the combination of the two. The coalition formation that goes Odevixibat Capsules (Bylvay)- FDA in chimpanzee society makes it much more complex than you think.

It means, for example, that the smallest male in consciousness and cognition journal group can be the alpha male.



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