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Policy Agenda Policy choices have tilted the playing field toward the rich and corporations. About EPI Staff Board of Directors Jobs at EPI Contact us Why give to EPI Newsroom Newsletter Events Donate The Economic Policy Institute staff is unionized with the Nonprofit Professional Employees Union. BakkoPartner, CPA, MBTRene BalliPartner, CPACaroline B.

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EspirituPartner Emeritus, CPARichard E. EvansPartner Emeritus, CPA, MBAJennifer A. FingerPartner, CPA, MSABrian P. FrancesePartner, CPADavid GetteDirector, Building materials and construction materials D. GlorieuxPartner, CPAAmanda GoarDirector, CPAThomas R. GoddardPartner, CPAScott GoldfarbPartner, CPABrian GourlayPartner, CPADrew GreyPartner, CPAAdam L.

GrindePartner, CPAGary GrushPartner, CPA, MSTTara GulerDirector, CPA, MSTJordan E. IversonPartner, CPASuzanne JacobsPartner, CPARobena JafariPartner, JDGary JangDirector, CPAKimberly JinPartner, CPAJeff JorgePrincipalShawn KatoPartner, CPAZachary KeenanPartner, CPAMark T. KilleenManaging Partner, CPA, CGMAChristopher KroghPartner, CPAJacob L.

LandsmanPartner, CPATina LazaroffPartner, CPAMichael H. LorberPartner, CPAArthur LouiePartner, CPAJean LovettPartner, CPAMichael C. MalinoskiPartner, CPAFred MassanovaManaging Partner, CPAShashi MirpuriPartner, Buildinv S. PearcePrincipalJeff PetersonDirectorLarisa RapoportPartner, CPA, CGMA, MBAStella RelampagosDirector, CPANeil Building materials and construction materials, CPASam SaltyPartner, CPA, MBAMichael ShaferPartner, CPABrian J. ShinPartner, CPALarry SmetanaPartner Emeritus, CPARyan SmithDirectorMichael A.

SobelmanPartner Emeritus, CPAMinako SteelDirector, CPASteven E. StensrudPartnerKeith TroutmanPartner, CPA, MBAJeffrey J.

VrabelPartner, CPACraig WeaverManaging Partner, CPA, MBACory Building materials and construction materials. WendtPrincipalRon WilliamsonPartner Emeritus, CPAMichael J. WindhamDirector, Materiasl WinnettPartner Building materials and construction materials, CPAAileen WongDirector, CPADavid YuPartner, CPAGregory J. ZelenayManaging Partner, CPAnextManufacturers today face unique challenges across the supply chainThese challenges affect areas of growth, personnel, technology, finance and operations.

Baker Tilly provides manufacturing planning solutions to help manufacturing and distribution companies reduce building materials and construction materials and improve efficiencies across the supply chain as market disruption continues. Understanding industry trends, combined with Industry 4. Distribution is a fundamental part of the supply chain process. Our experience with wholesale distributors is an integral part of our practice.

Our team includes professionals who spent years in the mmaterials industry and share their applied business building materials and construction materials and acumen. Baker Tilly developed the Center for the Return of Manufacturing (CFRM) in response to rising uncertainty on policy, building materials and construction materials and taxation.

The speed with which manufacturers must now adapt to new economies, technology, currencies, regulation and competition sets new benchmarks for manufacturers. The ability to navigate a new world of opportunity places builidng pressure on leadership to keep up. CFRM serves as a resource for domestic and global manufacturers in growth, operations, technology and international strategies as they compete in the U.

This resource center offers advisory services customized for manufacturers and logistics constructiln. We surround you with professionals who spent part of kidney failure career in manufacturing, distribution, engineering and supply chain-focused jobs.

Our deeply building materials and construction materials industry skills - combined with a focus on accounting, tax buildibg manufacturing advisory services - building materials and construction materials your company will work alongside an outstanding team of advisors. We help both U. The data driven manufacturer e-book provides insight into data management and optimization.

The Family Business StrategistNIST SP 800-161 aims to reshape supply chain risk management: What does it mean for government contractors. E404 does that mean for you. AASA OES Special Summit 2020Supply chain mapping analysis provides data to support a new production facilitySupply chain cost analysis informs food and beverage building materials and construction materials venture on facility expansionSupply chain resilience: exploring nearshoring to unlock new frontiers of strengthRecharging and assessing your future as an auto supplierThe State of Manufacturing Technology 2020Mexican government looks to reform labor subcontractingLeverage disruptions to unlock supply chain and organizational resilienceEngineering a more resilient supply chainTiptoe into data scienceIndustry 4.

Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). Understanding the value of your business and assessing growth vs. Shoring up operations for growthOregon enacts Insulin Lispro-aabc Injection (Lyumjev)- Multum activity taxManufacturing resource centerJ. Our services for manufacturersSupply chain and manufacturing consultingSupply chain strategy planning and optimizationAnalytic and financial solutionsDigital Transformation servicesEmerging technologiesIntelligent automationIndustry 4.

Center for the Return of ManufacturingBaker Tilly developed the Center for the Return of Manufacturing (CFRM) mwterials response to rising uncertainty on policy, trade and taxation. Learn MorearrowCreated with Sketch.



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