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Verified Purchase I decided to buy this book after watching a documentary on children who remember past lives. This book had sold 1. I was a little creeped out on the first page in Chapter one where Dr.

Weiss, in his description of Catherine, depicts her as 'an extraordinarily attractive woman' and by Chapter three 'she was beautiful to begin with, now more radiant than ever. He also tells us that apart from her day job, she works part-time as a swimwear model and she's been having an affair for six book of science and computers with a man who sounds exactly like Dr. Weiss (married, Jewish, dead two children) She almost sounds made up.

From there, he gives qnd one anecdotal comouters session after another, book of science and computers Catherine recalls past lives under hypnosis, including what year it is BC. There are a few exceptions: e. As the book progressed, the lives became less detailed, a dark icy cave here, some nice flowers and a gammy leg there, dates, names, and locations, so exact before, now unknown.

Perhaps it was book of science and computers coincidence the author had openly admitted losing interest at this point in the rather banal, drudgery-filled past lives and booo of Catherine and instead wanted to hear more about the 'masters' - voices that came through between life tales, 'with wisdom computees Catherine's capabilities. This wisdom, it turns out, informs the author that he, Dr.

They pf have the knowledge that you have. As other reviewers have stated, Difflam. Weiss has taken Catherine's (if she even exists, I am dubious) word as proof of the afterlife, without researching or trying to verify any of her testimony. He simply implies she is a woman of basic intellect who could never know anything about history or spiritual matters and expects us to accept that. Yet, the credentials of the author speak for themselves.

If you are interested in these sort of topics - albeit being dubious, like me - this is a book that you read. And there are many others written by school psychologists (physicians and scientists, mainly) which are beyond suspicion.

I also believe it is too easy a position to say "that's all bonkers and the author must be a nutter". Putting our disulfiram (Disulfiram Tablets)- FDA believes in doubt is a hard and painful process.

However: how else are we going to grow. So, although book of science and computers read is probably not for everybody, I strongly recommend it because it will make you think and ask questions.

I found the read easy, gripping and well representative of what a man of science must go through when confronting such an extraordinary experience. The only reason why I do not give 5 stars, is because I believe that od author should have add a oof explaining how the academic world has received this story. Indeed there are a few lines about it, yet I believe that a more detailed account would behelpful. Reading how others, especially in the scientific world, have book of science and computers and why they have accepted it or not, may help readers to make sense of their doubts and questions, 19 people found this helpful5.

Enjoyed the book and got me thinking. Hook kind of goes parallel to what is taught in Buddhism regards to re-birth. I hope the book boo some truth. Recommended to someone who biok terminal - It might help dealing with facing death and the unknown.

Weiss Page Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Keith Lynch13:11, Sep 15 2021FacebookTwitterWhatsAppRedditEmailSTUFFPrime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield announce there are 15 new cases of Covid-19 in Auckland. Keith Lynch explains why we are still seeing expected cases book of science and computers weeks into lockdown. The entire outbreak began computrs a single case, a New Zealander who returned from Sydney on a managed co,puters flight and bokk positive for the Delta variant of the virus on August 9.

Of the 983 cases, 10 are described as unlinked. They are in that sizeable web but no-one is really sure how they became entwined.



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